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Lifestyle Limousines of Melbourne

Lifestyle Limousines of Melbourne services Corporate and Private chauffeured transfers that keeps us on the move 24/7. With this in mind we required a personal and reliable service to keep us in constant communication with our staff and clients. We would like to thank Arcon Communications for taking there time to understand our business and provide us with all the necessary services. 

Landline Services

Residential Fixed Voice

Low Cost Home Phone Plan

Home Phone Standard
  • Low Line Rental
  • Capped National Calls
  • Provided on Australia's biggest network
  • Keep the same number
  • Choose between email or paper bills
  • Manage your account online
  • Friendly customer service


Simple home phone plans that SAVE you money

Our straight forward home phone plans that save you money and have great value included. Nothing changes when you switch to us, everything stays the same, except the size of the bill.

Low per minute rates and included calls.

We get excellent calls rates and because we don’t have shareholders to pay we can pass our savings on to you. You get low rate calls and capped calls that allow you to chat away.

Choose a Plan that suits you.

Whether you have a large family with a lot of people using the phone or a small home, we have the right plan for you that will give you the security in your bills.

Choose Your Plan


Access Fee

Local Calls

National Calls


Telstra Mobiles

F2M -
Other network

Home Talk



37c per min
45c Connection

Family Talk



37c per min

Home Base



25c per min

30c per call

All prices quoted above Inc GST.

Things You Should Know
1. All prices quoted are Inc GST. 2 Total minimum commitment per month is $69.95 ( Home Talk plan), $49.95 (Home Family plan), and $29.95 (Home Base plan). 3. Offer only available to customers who take up full service fixed line (including long distance and calls to mobile services). 4. All Fixed wire services are covered by the Customer Service Guarantee Standard and Universal Service Obligation. Please refer to our Customer Service Guarantee Policy for details on the CSG Standard. 5. Plan is available to PSTN fixed wire services. Please refer to our Standard Form of Agreement for terms of use on fixed wire products. 6. Dishonored direct debit payments may incur a charge. 7. Fair use policy applies to included call usage.
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