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Lifestyle Limousines of Melbourne

Lifestyle Limousines of Melbourne services Corporate and Private chauffeured transfers that keeps us on the move 24/7. With this in mind we required a personal and reliable service to keep us in constant communication with our staff and clients. We would like to thank Arcon Communications for taking there time to understand our business and provide us with all the necessary services. 

Mobile Phone Plans

Mobile Plans

Mobile Cap Plans

Huge Call, Data and Fleet Value for the Most Demanding Smartphone Users

  • Huge included Chat & Text value
  • Great Fleet call value
  • Uses both Talk & Text and Fleet value at the same time

Massive Chat & Text value to chat to anyone.

Get a generous cap value that covers all the stuff you do everyday - talking, texting and picking up your voicemail. PLUS on the $50 and $60 plans receive bonus Fleet Value to chat to anyone who is part of your team.

Mobile Data included.

Enough included data that you don't need to worry about picking up your emails or checking the internet while you're out & about. If you've got a smartphone, you need a smart plan.

Choose Your Plan

Plan Monthly
Min Cost
(24 mths)
Included Value Included
Cost of a 2 min call Other Calls
Chat 30 $30 $720 $200 Standard Value 200MB 15c 50c $2.15 35c Connection
90c per Min*
Chat 'N' Text 50 $50 $1,200 $500 Standard Value +
6000 SMS
1GB 5c 26.4c
Chat 'N' Text 60 $60 $1,440 $650 Standard Value +
$3600 of Fleet Value +
6000 SMS
1.5GB 4c 26.4c
Chat 'N' Text 80 $80 $1,920 $850 Standard Value +
$3600 of Fleet Value +
6000 SMS
2GB 4c 26.4c
Chat 'N' Text 100 $100 $2,400 4000 Minutes +
6000 SMS
3GB 3c 26.4c 26c 13.2c Per Min**
Chat 'N' Text 130 $130 $3,120 4000 Minutes +
6000 SMS +
$110 International Value
3GB 4c 26.4c

All prices quoted above Inc GST.

Cost of sending sms within Australia is $0.25 (outside allowance) *Billed in 60 second increments **Billed in 30 second increments

Things You Should Know
The following terms and conditions apply for the Mobile $30, $50, $60, $80, $100 and $130 plans. 1. All prices are quoted inclusive of GST. 2. Total minimum cost over 24 months is $720 ($30 plan) $1200 ($50 plan), $1440 ($60 plan) $1920 ($80 plan), $2400 ($100 plan) and $3120 ($130 plan). 3. Included value amounts are as follows; $200 ($30 plan), $500 ($50 plan), $650 ($60 plan), $850 ($80 plan) and 4,000 minutes on the $100 and $130 plan (where call charges are $0.132 per min). The $30 plan value is comprised of national and international SMS, national and international MMS, surepage, national calls to mobiles and fixed line services, calls to special numbers including 1300, 13 and 1800 and calls to Voicemail. 4. Excluded call types are; diversions, directory services, international voice including calls to fixed lines or GSM mobiles that switch/divert or re-route overseas, international diversions, international video and video calling, international roaming, Optus Zoo Browsing, Optus Zoo downloads, content packs, mobile internet usage, True Local usage, Premium Calls, Premium SMS and MMS, VoIP services /usage and 19xx services. 5. The $50, $60, $80, $100 and $130 plans include 6,000 units of national SMS after which standard SMS charges of $0.25 is applicable. 6. When the included value amount on a plan is reached all calls will be charged at the standard rates. 7. Fair Usage policy applies to all mobile plans in relation to call usage, SMS, MMS, and data. 8. Call charges on the $30, $50, $60 and $80 plans are charged in 60 second increments, and the $100 and $130 plans are charged in 30 second billing increments. 9. The $60 and $80 plans include a component of Fleet value (fleet calls are made to and from mobile services that appear on the same bill and are on the same network). Both $60 and $80 plans include $3,600 worth of standard national Fleet. Once exceeding this amount, all Fleet calls will be charged at standard rates. On the $130 plan there is $110 of included International Call Value once exceeding this amount all International calls will be charged at the international rate. A set amount of mobile data is included each month as part of the mobile plan. This is to be used for internet connectivity from your mobile. Unused monthly data allowance cannot be rolled over. 11. Included mobile data; 200MB ($30 plan), 1GB ($50 plan), 1.5GB ($60 plan), 2GB ($80 plan), 3GB ($100 and $130 plans). 12. Upon exceeding the monthly included data allowance you will be charged excess; on the $30 plan additional data is charged at a rate calculated at $0.50 per MB or part thereof. On the $50, $60, $80, $100 and $130 plans, additional data is charged at a rate calculated at $0.264 per MB or part thereof. 13. Data usage will be metered in kilobytes, whereby 1024KB = 1MB and includes both uploads and downloads. 14. Monthly data allowance value excludes voice and video calls, VoiceMail, national SMS and MMS, international SMS and MMS, Premium and Third Party SMS and MMS, Optus and Third Party content purchases and subscriptions, 13/1300, 1800, 1900, Surepage, VPN data usage and data used while roaming internationally. If you are able to access such services, you will be charged at prevailing rates. 15. Early termination charges – If you choose to cancel your mobile service or it is disconnected for any reason, within the 24 month contract term you will be required to pay early termination charges. 16. The termination charges are calculated as your minimum monthly access fee multiplied by the months remaining in your contract plus any remaining handset fee, if applicable. 17. Standard Form of Agreement – This Mobile Service is supplied in accordance with the terms of the Standard Form of Agreement.
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